Savings you can taste, literally.

Finding a flavor you consider an "all-day-vape" can be difficult. There are plenty of factors when it comes to deciding. The flavor itself, the VG/PG ratio, the manufacturing practices of the brand, consistency, quality, the list goes on. What makes special is that we offer you that flavor in what we call "large format bottles". However, this isn't a new term. Numerous industries and their manufacturers offer larger quantities of their products. 

For example, at, we like beer. I should probably rephrase that, we LOVE beer. Some of our favorite bottles are conveniently offered in what the beer industry calls, "large format bottles". It sparked our interest and we did a little research. Here are the results we found.


According to the Journal of Consumer Research, when consumers are given the option to purchase items in bundles or larger quantities, their demand for variety is lower. We look at this tendency and realize how important it is to you, as a consumer. You know what you like! When given the opportunity to purchase more of what you like for a lower price, your need for variety significantly decreases, making shopping more efficient! In other words, we make shopping for your e-liquid easier. No more wasting countless hours on browsing through collections of e-liquid that you're not in love with. Find what you like, buy what you need. 

Our research didn't stop there. According to Business Insider, buying bulk has its pros and cons. We'll list them below.


  • Savings. Buying in bulk is typically less expensive per unit.
  • Fewer Shopping Trips. Waste less time making shopping trips and focus on what's most important to you!


  • Membership Fees. (Hint, we don't have any!)
  • Storage. Unlike most bulk items purchased, 120ml e-liquid bottles are extremely compact and take up little shelf space! Enjoy all the free space!

If we haven't convinced you yet, let us help with your first order. In all honesty, we appreciate you reading our blog. You've made it this far down the page, let us say thank you! Use the Discount Code: BLOGREADER for 10% off your first purchase of any amount!